Accounting on your Fingertips

A cloud based accounting software along with the mobile apps that could manage whole accounting workflow of your business.


New Launch of Accounting software- “Lekhankan” by Grow Biz Management
A cloud based accounting software along with the mobile apps that could manage whole accounting workflow of your business.

Complete Outsourcing Of Accounting Job That Means You Do Not Need To Hire Any Accountants As All Your Accounting Job Is Managed By Grow Biz Management.

All You Need Is To Upload The Invoices, Bills And Vouchers And To Provide Us The Necessary Information As Required And Get The Report Generated In Your Own Mobile.


Services we provide

Work from anywhere, anytime

Cloud-based accounting software hosts your files and information on the cloud instead of your desktop. Hence, no matter what device you are using you always have access to your data if you are connected to the internet from anywhere.

Automatic backups of your data

Your accounting data back-up will be managed by our IT partner Cross Over Nepal Ltd.

Tension free

Lekhankan apps is custom design application for the outsourcing of accounting function of the organisation. All your accounting job will be managed by the Growbiz Management Pvt. Ltd. by using Lekhankan software. Besides, you don’t even need to take tension relating to VAT filing, TDS filing etc.

Drill down facilities

Reports can be drill down to the source documents (i.e. bills and vouchers).

Pay only for what you use

Growbiz Management offer different services by using Lekhankan apps. You need to pay according to the service availed.

Better protection against malware

If you use a desktop-based accounting application, your information and data are both at risk of being corrupted, infected, or destroyed if your computer suffers a virus attack. However, if you rely on a cloud-based version of the accounting software, this no longer would remain a concern because the files are not hosted on your device, so they will not be affected even if your device is.

Access real-time data

When working on your accounts, you want the latest data pertaining to your business so that you can report the correct financial figures. Lekankan provides such services of accessing real-time data.

Report Generation

Lekhankan provides various types of report in mobile apps as well as desktops as per the requirement like sales report, debtors and creditors ageing reports, comparison of specific periods etc.

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